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JustAnswer (also known as Pearl.com) is an online question and answer website that connects visitors with knowledgeable users in several categories including medical, legal, automotive, veterinary, and tech support.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Political and not achievement driven. Many people don't seem to know what they are doing, especially on exec level"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unethical and knows it but refuses to change. They change everything else but will not change their scammy ways. Creating more features to scam people out of money Making it more difficult for experts to get paid Constant changes that are not needed Fake reviews on this site, I would say 90% of the positive reviews are fake and the other 10% positive reviews are from people who have been with the company less than 6 months Oh I almost forgot, YOU ARE NOT A START UP! This company has been around for over 10 years. Please everyone take notice of the extremely positive reviews that will be posted after every negative one."


"Weak and unqualified leadership, too much nonsense activity for the sake of activity. Desperately needs a competent CEO. Tough location for most commuters except the CEO and employees living near the Presidio."


"Bad location, business model has a lot of ethical issues. A lot of customers feel that they were scammed. Senior management does not care about scamming people. Too many people leave the company within a year. High employee rotation."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The main con, is that the website is a con itself, full of dark patterns. They continue to roll out scammy features in order to confuse and take advantage of the most desperate and computer illiterate folks on the internet. People can and are actually helped on the site by the experts but just answer takes every opportunity to steal from it's experts and customers. It is not uncommon for a customer to place a deposit to ask a question and then vanish and never reply to their expert or ask for their money back. Usually because they don't even know what company they just paid. What happens then? Just answer keeps their money. Do they actually assume someone just wanted to drop by give them money and receive no help? Then they have the nerve to make the customer go through a horrid refund process and blame the customer for the confusion. Often a customer will be helped by an expert but if they do not rate the expert with the misleading rating system just answer again keeps 100% of the money robbing from the expert. They have zero respect for the experts who they would not exist without. Just look at the positive reviews on this website. They are so obviously fake, that says it all. It says they are aware that they rob people and are trying to cover it up. The potential to have an honest successful website is there but they would rather concentrate on short term income gains that build zero customer base. What you have here is legalized stealing. They steal from customers and experts and are allowed to do so by hiding behind pages and pages of terms and conditions that no one would ever read as well as a multitude of website bugs that are never repaired. I did for a minute think that they were going to get themselves together by building the new pearl.com site and changing the name but we all know how that went, it went nowhere and was a waste if millions I would imagine."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"One of the sad things about the management of this company is that they spend much more time trying to manage perception than reality. The recent positive reviews on this site are not real. Whether they can from an actual PR firm, the company's HR team, handpicked favorite employees who were put up to posting on Glassdoor, or some combination thereof, you'd do well to disregard them. Which isn't to say that there aren't any positives to working for JustAnswer. Almost all of the negative reviews have listed some positive things. But unfortunately the management culture is pretty toxic, and that is in evidence in the many, actually spontaneous, negative reviews."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"The company is without vision. They had to layoff a ton of staff in January due to management not having a vision that translated to reality."

Attorney (Former Employee) says

"It was a great place to work years ago. But company greed took over and there went the company. Management was poor and got even worse over time. I would not recommend working there whatsoever - stay away!!"

Online Technical Support Expert (Current Employee) says

"I applied for and was accepted as an expert in a couple of the IT related categories that JustAnswer provides service in. I did this as a way to make a few extra bucks in my spare time by working from home. Solely that regard, the company is outstanding. I was able to answer questions for customers as time permitted and got paid for doing it. The amount I made per month was solely up to me; the more time I spent working to answer customer's questions, the more I got paid. However as a company, JustAnswer is atrocious. They do not listen to their experts (the source of their revenue), constantly roll out changes to their online platform that hinder more than help both customers and experts alike, and do nothing to ensure experts are fully compensated for their work. This last issue is of huge for all experts regardless of the category they work in. For instance, customers agree to pay a set amount for assistance (say $40) and this amount is split between JustAnswer and the expert (usually a 60/40 split in JustAnswer's favor). Initially, the customer is charged a deposit and is charged the remainder when they accept the experts solution. If the customer never accepts the solution the expert has provided, the customer is only out the deposit. This deposit is not split with the expert; it is kept by JustAnswer. This happens ridiculously often. An expert will diligently work with a customer to ensure the problem is solved satisfactorily only to have the customer disappear leaving the expert unpaid. This has been brought up so many times to the JustAnswer management,Work at your own pace as your time permits.Treats their experts like garbage."

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"JustAnswer has a great idea it is working with and talented people working at the company, but a very short sited approach to planning and business strategy. It is a data driven company run on lean methodology, because of this JustAnswer has been able to slowly grow the product. However, they blatantly ignore long term revenue growth strategies, such as growing a customer base through marketing, and improving the UX of the website to attract new customer segments.Fosters employee learning and growthPoor leadership"

Brett Cadiente says

"I can across this service a while back. I hopped on a chat with someone who helped direct me to what I needed. I was told it was only $5 to get a question answered. Seemed reasonable. It’s been a few months now and I just realized I’ve been getting charged $50 a month. I haven’t even used their services. Come to find out the $5 is a trial that they don’t tell you about up front. They refused to give me a refund even thought their service just renewed yesterday. So much of this bait and switch stuff out there."

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